Subconscious Mind


the reason Why aren’t you able to change that pattern: the subconscious mind

Complaining about not being able to stop yourself from binge eating, smoking, not being motivated, ruining relationships, having that back pain for a long time…Familiar? You are not the only one. Most of the patterns that we have hard times changing in life are originated by the part of our mind that the famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud called unconscious mind, and later called by modern psychologists as subconscious mind. When Freud elaborated the mind, he used Iceberg to draw the picture in people’s minds. The tip of the iceberg is considered to be the conscious mind, right below it a small portion is the pre-conscious mind and the vast majority of the iceberg is the unconscious mind. Today, the subconscious mind is considered to be anywhere between 85% to 99% of our total mind power! Whoa! That means, most of our actions, behaviors and habits are generated by our subconscious mind. Freud believed that the dreams, jokes or ideomotor responses are generated by our subconscious mind. He also believed that most of our mind is operated by our unconscious mind.

The subconscious mind starts to develop as soon as we are born until about 8 years of age. Most of the times we learn through associations. For example, a child eats candy, likes the flavor and develops a positive response to it. In time and repetition, in child’s subconscious programming candy is associated with a smile or happiness. Another example is fear of loud noises. We are all born not liking loud noises and heights. If a baby is exposed to loud noises such as fighting, they might develop a fear of loud noises later on in their lives without knowing the reason of it. In sum, most of our subconscious programming, which is still effecting the life we live EVERY DAY, is developed until we are about 8 years old! We learn from our parents, the people we grow up with, school and friends. When you grow up and when you realize that the change seems harder than it actually is, that means some of the things you learned, are not the ones that you would like to apply in your personal life. The programming in our subconscious mind is very powerful but also very subtle. Most of the times we think that we are making our decisions consciously however, our subconscious mind makes most of our decisions about 4-10 seconds before that. Even your choice for lunch, your partner, the house you live in, the route you took to work today… all those choices are made by your subconscious mind!

So how can you change a subconscious programming that you’ve been around for years?


Reprogramming subconscious mind

Hypnosis is a form of subconscious therapy. In other words, hypnosis is a tool for reprogramming the subconscious mind. Most of us try to live today, with our learnings we gathered from our parents, friends or close family growing up. Then we wonder why we grew up to be very similar to them even if we don’t like some of their behaviors. It is no coincidence that you are just like your mother or father or the combination of both. There are multiple ways of changing the old programing in the subconscious mind. One of them is the conscious therapy which can take long time because the subconscious mind is very adamant to protect the programing. Another way is persistency. For example, everyday meditations, journaling, everyday self-hypnosis, everyday self-affirmations… these are all ways of changing the subconscious programing and they require commitment and everyday consistency for the results. The way I find the most effective and faster is hypnosis.


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Hypnosis aids to by-pass the critical mind and dives into the subconscious mind. Each suggestion that is given by the hypnotherapist reaches the subconscious mind directly. Even though repetition and commitment are keys to success in hypnosis, achieving desired results takes shorter time and results are usually longer lasting. Hypnotherapist works on building new subconscious programming with suggestions, metaphors, stories and repetition. All the suggestions are formed in the direction of the client’s goals and desires according to their beliefs and values. During the hypnotherapy, the clients motivation and desire to change is just as important as the therapy itself. Don’t forget, no one can change you if you DO NOT want the change.