Do you find yourself eating unconsciously?

Do you binge eat or purge under emotional stress?

Do you have hard times stopping yourself when you are eating certain foods?

Do you eat high calorie foods although you know they are not good for you?

You can’t feel when you are full?

You might be a great candidate for losing weight with hypnotherapy.

Food and eating habits can become a way of dealing with emotions or even someone’s emotional life. It starts with our family and our culture and progresses further later in life without even you realize. With corporations pushing us towards the processed foods and sugar playing a big role in every diet, weight loss became even harder in the last couple of years.

With hypnotherapy, we understand the role of the food in your life and we also research your eating habits. The goal with hypnotherapy is to create a healthy lifestyle that will help you through your life. In other words, even thought the main goal is to lose weight, we will create this by adding healthy choices to your life that will help you to have a balanced and satisfying weight. Amount of weight loss with hypnosis varies however through hypnosis we focus mainly on strengthening self-image, confidence, self-control, increasing motivation and encouraging activities which support the individuals’ new healthy lifestyle.

There are couple of common problems preventing weight loss:

  • eating unconsciously

  • impulse eating

  • unhealthy eating habits

  • heavy carb diet

  • specific health condition/ some medicine

  • chronic sugar addiction

  • irregular sleep cycle

  • anxiety or emotional problems.

These are just a few common obstacles that many people experience in their life just like you. During weight loss therapy, we will explore not only your eating habits but also the eating habits of your family. This will reveal your reward systems and how you deal with emotions. We will develop a plan together that will steer you towards new and healthy life choices!