Many cultures, religions, psychologists, philosophers and even scientists believe that we have not only lived before, but we can access these memories to have a richer experience in our current lives.

The goal of past life regression therapy is to get insight by evoking the intuitive part that we all have and possess. Past life regression therapy can help understanding current negative patterns, explanation of some phobias or even expand creativity. The experience can be encountered in numerous ways such as visuals, sounds, pictures or even feelings. There is no right or wrong way of experiencing past lives however, everybody has their own unique way to reach the wisdom that they need.


Minimum of 2 sessions are required for the past life regression therapy. Each session is about 2 hours. The first session is conducted just like a regular session. The purpose of the first session is to explain hypnosis to the client clearly and to give a definitive experience of hypnosis to the client so that they can be comfortable with hypnosis. Following session, we will do the past life journey. This will include a deep state of hypnosis and leading the client to various stages of their past lives. Towards the end, I will also help client to make sense out of these experiences.

Further sessions will give you more opportunities to explore different lives and gather more wisdoms. You can discover your past lives as many times as you wish. Each time you might be able to experience a different life time and learn new information.