Hypnosis for Pain Management

Did you know that  80% of pain is emotional? Imagine a pain that has been negatively effecting the quality of your life such as migraines, back pain or muscle cramps. If we know that the 80% of your pain is caused by an emotion that you can actually discharge, there is a good chance that hypnosis can help you resolve your pain and understand the reasoning behind it.

If you have consulted your doctor and weren’t able to get a resolution, it is found by your doctor that there is no medical reason for your pain, or if you would like to use hypnosis as an adjunct therapy, please call for a free phone consultation to see how hypnosis can help you*.

Hypnosis has been reported to significantly reduce the pain, decrease the recovery time, minimize the side effects of the pain, increase the healing time and even resolve the pain.

*In most cases a medical referral is required by a licensed health care professional to ensure that there is no medical or physical reasoning behind your pain.