Private Sessions

Private hypnotherapy sessions start with therapeutic understanding followed by hypnosis. Private sessions are obviously more targeted and focused on YOU. We learn about you, explore you and help you to discover unknowns about you. Private sessions can be done online -through Facetime, Skype or Zoom -, in the office or over the phone. They will have same rate of effectiveness as the main goal is to get you comfortable and cooperating. The first session usually takes about 2 hours and each following session is 1 hour from there.



Group sessions are designed for small group of individuals having the similar challenges in their lives. Currently, there are weight loss, past live regression therapy and imagery sessions for groups. Group sessions can be a good start to understand hypnosis and if you follow your commitment you can see the changes quickly. For more information about the group sessions and upcoming events, please sign up our emailing list by clicking here.



If you feel more relaxed in the comfort of your home, if it’s hard for you to travel or for any other reason you prefer to be at your home during the session I also offer in house sessions.

Phone consultation

I offer free 30 minutes phone consultation prior to all sessions to understand you and your goals clearly. Phone consultations are very essential to understand the client and whether hypnotherapy is the best solution. 



Usually right before we sleep we are in natural hypnosis. I recommend you to listen the recordings right before you sleep to take advantage of this natural state. The recordings only include the recording made by me -Begum- for your specific issue for you to listen at your pace. Recordings are usually around 20 minutes and they require consistency for a long term resolution. Recordings alone do not include a phone consultation or a session.